We don’t break software!

‘Well, our software was working fine until the testers broke it!’

There’s a whacking great big chunk of hypocrisy in the tagline of my blog: The bit where it says ‘Vandalising Software’. It’s a good line, one that I’m very happy with, but I do feel I need to address it for my own peace of mind.

It’s hypocritical because I always resist saying anything like ‘I break software for a living’. It’s a fun thing to say, and I’m certain we’ve all used something similar to describe our job to people outside the industry. But I make a point of correcting people I hear using that sort of language, because it’s inaccurate and detrimental to our profession. I’ve even seen it turned around and used against testers before – ‘Well, our software was working fine until the testers broke it!’

The truth is that we don’t break software, because the software is already broken when it comes to us. We break unwarranted assumptions. We break illusions. We test, investigate, explore and experiment to highlight areas where software is broken. We give as much information as we can to our stakeholders as quickly, clearly and efficiently as possible. And we collaborate on fixes and solutions to ensure deadlines are met and releases aren’t delayed.

If we were really in the business of breaking software, we’d be Developers.

Author: Dave Higgins

Anti-qualification, pro-experience (of which he has years and years) Evangelist for software testing. Champion of the importance of testing in modern software development. Guru of testing psychology and mindset. Also - Fan of beer, games and loud music.

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