Ministry of Testing

I’ve been asked a few times if there are any communities or other blogs that I recommend for continuing to learn the QA & Testing craft, and for engaging with other folks in our field of expertise.

Yes, there is.

Support MoT

I’m a supporter and fan of Ministry of Testing. Rosie Sherry, and her ever-growing group of presenters and contributors have come together to build a fantastic software testing community, full of tutorials, discussions, knowledge sharing and information for testers of all levels. Plus, their growing portfolio of TestBash conferences around the world are some of the friendliest, most accessible conferences around.

And now, I’m very proud to have my blog as part of the Testing Blog Feed on their site. This feed is an absolute goldmine of thoughts and ideas on all aspects of testing, and I’m looking forward to contributing to it immensely.

Author: Dave Higgins

Anti-qualification, pro-experience (of which he has years and years) Evangelist for software testing. Champion of the importance of testing in modern software development. Guru of testing psychology and mindset. Also - Fan of beer, games and loud music.

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