Software Testing Meetup – Kent / South East

In London, it seems that you can’t throw a brick without it crashing into the middle of a Software Testing / QA Meetup*. But once you get outside of the big cities, things tend to thin out quite a bit. And as far as I can tell, there’s absolutely nothing going on for Testers / QAs in my neck of the woods – Kent.

So, are there any Software Testing / QA meetups happening in Kent that I don’t know about, and that I could get involved with?

If not, would there be any regular interest in either attending or speaking at one if I were to organise it?

If I were to put a meetup together, I’d like it to be an open, friendly environment where junior testers can seek advice and learn their craft, where experienced testers can help mentor while sharing experiences and ideas, and for all involved to discuss any recent innovations or working practices they’ve found which worked really well, any issues they’re facing, any interesting articles or media they may have found and so on. As a result, everyone involved would be helping to build and contribute to a local support network where questions and ideas can be floated, issues can be discussed, and feedback and answers given in a positive and productive way.

The contacts I’ve made in my other life mean I’ll have no problem getting a room sorted out in a pub somewhere, so we can get together and talk about our industry, and our particular discipline within our industry.

As for location, if I were to put something together in Ashford, that could potentially capture Canterbury, Folkestone, Hythe, Romney Marsh, Dover, Deal, Thanet, Tonbridge, Maidstone, Tenterden and Tunbridge Wells – so, the majority of South Kent.

If the interest is there, I’ll happily organise the meetup via… erm… – but I need to know the interest is there first. So feel free to share this post far and wide with folks in the Testing / QA industry across the South East – the interest it receives will be the key factor in deciding whether or not to go ahead with a dedicated meetup in Kent.

*Please note – I do not advocate the throwing of bricks in London as a means of finding a Testing Meetup.

Author: Dave Higgins

Anti-qualification, pro-experience (of which he has years and years) Evangelist for software testing. Champion of the importance of testing in modern software development. Guru of testing psychology and mindset. Also - Fan of beer, games and loud music.

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