Kent Software Testing Meetup – An Update

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in putting together a Software Testing meetup in Kent. There was definitely enough interest to consider moving forward and putting something together, so that’s what I’ll try to do after Easter.

In preparation for that, it would really help if you could let me know which town you think would be best for such an event, and the sort of things you’d like to see covered. I want this to be right for as many people as possible, and I can only do that if I know what people actually want.

I’d be grateful if you could keep any requests and ideas to the comments for this post on my blog page. My posts get shared across a few branches of social media, and I don’t want anyone’s feedback to get lost, or to have to check all over the place if I can help it.

Thanks again!

Author: Dave Higgins

Anti-qualification, pro-experience (of which he has years and years) Evangelist for software testing. Champion of the importance of testing in modern software development. Guru of testing psychology and mindset. Also - Fan of beer, games and loud music.

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