Who are you?
I’m Dave Higgins. I’ve been involved in software testing and QA for about 12 years now. I’ve done just about every job in the field during that time, and when I ran out of interesting roles, I invented a new one – Which is how I ended up in my current role of QA Evangelist with Hotels.com.

What IS a QA Evangelist?
Short answer: I am.
Longer answer: Read this.

Testing or QA?
To me, Testing is about the detection of defects, QA is about the prevention of defects. Testing is the actual act of running through stuff, QA is the wider process involving planning, preparation, sign off and so on, which testing is a part of. But I do sometimes use them interchangeably, much to the annoyance of just about everyone who cares about such things.

Do you recommend any other blogs or communities?
Yes! I’m a supporter and fan of Ministry of Testing. Rosie Sherry, and her ever-growing group of presenters and contributors have come together to make a fantastic software testing community, full of knowledge sharing and information for testers of all levels. And their growing portfolio of TestBash conferences around the world are some of the friendliest, most accessible conferences around. And I’m proud to have this blog as part of the Testing Blogs feed on their main site.

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